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Appointment scheduling with a personalized confirmation and reminder

Question asked by 180352ff630d524f0f76963d07fca04fdf3e4888 on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Diego Lineros

Hello, can anyone help with a solution for the following task? Can this be built in Marketo with the use of custom objects?


We need to create a landing page that will be used by Sales Agents to schedule appointments with prospects. The page will have a form where Agents will be able to fill in the prospect info (First Name, Last Name, Email Address) as well as the Agent ID and the date of the appointment. Once the form is submitted, Marketo should send the prospect an appointment confirmation on behalf of the Agent. Also, on the day of the appointment, the prospect should receive an Auto Reminder.


The email sent to the prospect would have a link to another landing page that would be personalized with Prospect's First Name, would have some creative content and have a small form through which the Prospect can submit a question to the Agent. The last step would be an email notification sent to the Agent containing the question asked by the Prospect.


Here are the challenges :

1) We don't want the Agent enter their full contact info on the form - only the Agent ID.

2) Since our instance is not integrated with a CRM we would need to manually import the Agent contact info and Marketo has to lookup the Agent's contact info based on the Agent ID.

3) Prospects may be new or existing leads.

4) The assignment of Agents among existing Prospects may change over time and that would have to be updated via a manual data import.