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    Leads stuck in wait step

    Chris Saporito

      I noticed today that our leads are stuck in wait steps if the triggered smart campaign contains one. It seemed to only start happening today, is anyone else seeing this issue or had it in the past? The first couple of flows work but nothing happens after the wait step and from what I can tell all leads are accounted for in the wait steps.

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          Chris Saporito

          The leads were somehow stuck in the wait step, but eventually pushed through the next morning. I am unsure as to why or how they got stuck and what made them move through that but I will continue to work with support and relay their answers back here for insight.

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              Lauren Aquilino



              Had you adjusted the time in the wait step at all after records were already in the flow? If so, the People remember the original wait period and would wait for as long as they were originally told to wait.


              It also gets funny when you change flow step order with wait steps - People remember the original order of the flow and which # flow step in the process they were to go to next after the wait step.


              Also - maybe just a bug

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              Jenn DiMaria

              We are having a similar issue this morning, except in addition to leads being "stuck" in the campaign queue, no new records created since 6AM are triggering any of our processes (and nothing has changed since 6AM to have made that stop working). I've also submitted a support ticket, so I'll let you know if I hear anything