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"Not Opened Email" filter vs "Opened Email" filter with "is not"

Question asked by Kasia Kowalewski on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Dan Stevens.



I'm trying to resend an email to those who did not open it the first time around. I originally had 96 people on my list and 19 opened it. I have since added new people  for a total of 564 leads. I want to send it to anyone who didn't open it the first time, AND the people who were just added to the list.


I am wondering the difference between these two filters, because each one is giving me different totals.


So i know that "not opened email" filter is correct - it gives me 545 leads:


But i would expect that this filter should give me the same #, but it gives me 86 leads:


Does the "Opened Email" filter with "is not" assume "was sent and did not open". Whereas the "Not Opened Email" filter not consider if it was already sent?