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    What to do with post-event landing pages

    Matt Stone
      I was curious what people do with event landing pages after the event is over. In particular, for webinar landing pages.

      I've never really paid much attention to them and just left them alone, but I do see the rare lead come through the registration form well after the event is over--and effectively nothing will happen for them.

      I've boiled it down to two options: either I change the form afterwards to one that acts as on-demand (which already exists, just on the main website and not as a landing page), or I just throw a button or something on the page to point to the on-demand location. The latter is easier, but adds another click to the process.

      Just curious what other people are doing in this situation.
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          Josh Hill
          Go with the first option to convert the text to On Demand and change the Program to have an On Demand flow. Most of my Webinar Program Templates have this option and it's easy to switch over after the event.

          I know a lot of firms also build a central resource page that either links back to the original reg page or has the recordins on page.
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            We take the form down, and put a little text where the from was, to the effect of "The event is over, sorry". The process is manual, and sometimes we forget. Our next step would be to instead link to / show other events we have. 
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              Matt Stone
              What I decided to do was utilize some javascript and a token on the webinar program to automatically push the user to the on-demand page. If anyone is curious, here's what I did:

              Place the following javascript on your registration landing page near the top:

                      var onDemand = "{{my.Asset URL}}"; // pulls the on-demand webinar URL
                      if (onDemand != "") { // if the URL is set, redirect user to on-demand page
                          window.location = onDemand;

              This will look for a token in your program called "Asset URL" -- which you will only set after the event. Until you set it, it'll output as nothing.

              Once the event is over, and you've set up your on-demand page elsewhere, you take that URL and then create your token with it. Now that the token is populated (use the full http://www.yourwebsite.com URL), when the script runs, it'll see there's a value and redirect the page.

              Now instead of having to do any kind of manual code swap or activating/deactivating programs, you just add this token at the appropriate time.

              Of course, this won't work for people with javascript disabled, but in my case it's a limited amount of people who hit these landing pages after the fact, so I'm willing to accept that.