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Sales prospects into Marketo - best practice

Question asked by 08c09fb342fcdc60dcd020794aa036017d1167c4 on Nov 27, 2017
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Hi everyone,


I am just after a bit of general advice.
Most of our leads coming in to marketo are organic and paid search leads on the back of campaigns we run.

These are synced across to salesforce and hit our Pre Sales queue for qualifying.


We get many requests from sales creating their own leads in Salesforce that they want to prospect directly.


They want an email template and the ability to make a few adjustments to wording and then send


I have tried using marketo sales insights and there own set of email templates which works for individual leads.
When they get multiple leads it gets a bit more convoluted. They don't want to manually add leads into salesforce but give me a list to directly import into Marketo.
It then becomes a smart campaign process and the sales guys loose the visibility to edit emails as we batch send them from marketo.

I am thinking a prefered process would be to import into marketo and then sync the leads to a "lead queue" in Salesforce where they have visibility of all leads and can then send individually or in a batch using the "Send marketo email" functionality of linked email templates.


Does anyone have a similar process or have recommendations of what they do for this scenario?