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Question: Best Way to Manage Promo Person on Account Object

Question asked by Troy Larson on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Troy Larson

Hey There Fellow Marketo-ers!


I have a question for you all. We run an annual user group conference. Existing customers are given 2 free tickets to attend. We assign a person at a customer Account as a "VIP". (The VIP is basically the person with a promo code allowing for the 2 free tickets).


What we'd like to do is assign a person as a VIP on a customer Account Object in SFDC. Then, we can use tokens to auto-generate that VIP person's name in mails that we send out to other contacts in that Account. Basically saying reach out to your VIP at your company if you want to attend and use the free ticket you are allotted.


Last year we did this by assigning the VIP with the SFDC contact ID of that person and then creating a formula to pull in the actual name of the person that we would use as the token field in marketing emails. However, updating this didn't seem to work in Marketo. I reached out to support and got a response that formula fields on the Account Object in SFDC don't sync with Marketo - thus sometimes we'd update this in SFDC and resend mails, but the token in those mails was the old, un-updated VIP person.


My question to you all is this: Is there a way where we can pull this off with the bi-directional sync? That way we can update the VIPs and resend mail to that account with the appropriate person being populated in the token?