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    Meeting Locations

    Jasmine Kyles


      I just saw the email "Starting in December, we will be having monthly meetups at Capital Factory! A BIG WIN!..."

      I will say for myself that while this is a GREAT space, coming from the Domain area it's extremely to get downtown post-work.

      Is this convenient for everyone?


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          Anthony Figgins

          Hello Jasmine,

          I know how "awesome" Austin traffic is after work. I work from home a lot and I live in Liberty Hill. So I am with you that coming into Austin can be a chore for sure. Finding a good location is hard as Austin is a semi-large city with people living in south, central and north. We also look budgets as renting a space every month takes more funds and makes us more dependent on sponsorship.


          We chose the Capital Factory because they are central, and offered us a free space if we had a meetup every month. this was key as this allows us to spend our sponsors $$ on things other than a rental and have it go directly towards our attendees. We also chose the Capital Factory as they offer the technology needed to be able to possibly utilize a go to meeting for those that are not able to attend in person, could attend in virtual form.


          Now with being from up north, I understand the lack of desire you have to get downtown at 5pm. All I can say is we will do our best to make it worth your time and effort. We are having these meeting on a monthly basis to allow more people to come when they are available. If we miss you one month, we would hope to catch you on the next.


          Next year we are making plans and trying to get things organized. I would definitely look at options such as totally virtual events, or even a a second event for the northerners. I have access to a great little space we could use if we would like. This is a User Group and I am always open to the Groups suggestions and input. My role is to help facilitate the Groups needs and make it fun and educational for all.


          give me a call if you want to discuss and give any suggestions you have.   801-645-8495


          Thank you for your feedback as I am sure others feel the same way.


          -Anthony Figgins

          AMUG Leader

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