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    Custom questions for LinkedIn Lead Gen form

    Dan Stevens.

      This is a question for the Marketo PMs (Frank Passantino) - as part of the Fall release, we will be able to customize the LI Lead Gen form with up to three custom questions.  Will this allow us to ask questions with a boolean value - such as standard opt-in language (so a checkbox and custom text)?  We're hoping this can be another channel we leverage to grow our permission marketing database ahead of GDPR (and also make the process compliant per our data security/privacy team as they evaluate this functionality).


      Also, just to confirm, is the connection made to Marketo using Marketo's REST API?

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          Frank Passantino

          Dan Stevens. the question types that LinkedIn is introducing can be Single Line Text Input (question can be 100 chars) and Multiple Choice Question (up to 5 options | question/options can be 100 chars). For a GDPR compliance option I would recommend using a Multiple Choice Question with two possible answers Yes/No and mapping that to a string field in Marketo that can only be updated via web services api. This connection is made using LinkedIn's Ad API and Marketo REST API.

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              Dan Stevens.

              Frank - So if we opt for the multiple choice option, are we also limited to 100 characters for the actual question?  For example, for this to comply with our privacy guidelines, we need something like this on every form that captures data into Marketo:


              Avanade is committed to protecting your information security. Your information will be used in accordance with any applicable data privacy law, our internal policies and our Privacy Policy, and will be held securely.  Do we have your consent to store and process your data according to our privacy policy?

              - Yes

              - No