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Can I cookie a user with an email link?

Question asked by d7813706eb998442912a692619235879290a1846 on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by d7813706eb998442912a692619235879290a1846

Hi.  New Marketo user here.  I've been searching for and finding conflicting info and can use some help.


I have lots of people in my Marketo DB but very few show up on my Known Users Web Page Report - but I know they are visiting.  I think this is because most have not filled out a marketo form on our "new" website and thus have not been cookied.  If they are already in my database, can't I send them an email with a tracked link that would allow me to cookie them as a known user (not anonymous)?


The docs say the user has to fill out a form.  Yet, I had a problem 2 weeks ago where my forms were caching registration information for someone else.  Nobody else saw this so further research suggested that I may have clicked on a link in an email that was sent to someone else and thus I ended up with their cookie.  I certainly didn't type in his registration information into a form.  So, it would seem possible that I could send someone an email and if they clicked on the link, Marketo could drop a cookie, right?


Unfortunately, I've not been able to do this with my testing.  I cleared cookies from my browser, created a new person in my database using a personal email address, created a new email and made sure that Track Link and Include Mkt_tok was checked when I inserted the link to my most recent blog post and then sent myself an email.  I got it, opened it and clicked on the link but when I look at the Activity Log for this user, my activity is not recorded and when I go to a blank form, it does not prefill like it should.  So, it would appear that I was not cookied in the process.


Any advice on whether this should be possible and where I can find out more info on how to do this properly?


Thx, Dave