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Help implementing new GCLID parameters

Question asked by b02fd728ec490f146053981cd2a09bf980048a0a on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

Due to the new privacy restrictions Apple implemented on it's Safari browser, Google has had to reconfigure tracking tags in order to capture traffic/conversions from Safari visits. In order to track AdWords conversions from Safari, we need to implement Google AutoTagging parameters which leverage the GCLID , (Google Click Identifier). The GCLID is used by Google to pass information back and forth between Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Once we enable URL auto tagging in Google AdWords, Google will append a unique GCLID parameter to our destination URLs at run-time.

The problem comes from how to feed this into the Marketo platform for end-to-end sales pipeline tracking. Our current Marketo lead structures uses, "utm_campaign" - starts with - "SEM_" to categorize any leads into their applicable SF campaigns. With autotagging, we cannot specify a "utm" code.
I need to update ALL of my Marketo "flow" setups to reflect the new structure, however I'm not sure how to identify this in the Marketo flow set-up.

Is there a way to say that any traffic that contains "gclid" in the URL should be classified into the relevant Paid Search campaign?


Appreciate the help!!

Sanford Whiteman

Grégoire Michel

Joe Reitz