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Fall Release: Sending emails based on recipient timezone!

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by Phillip Wild

I just saw the Fall release notes and noticed that one of the most popular feature requests is finally happening:


This is especially significant for those of us who operate globally (or even across the US, given the multiple time zones).  Today, we're forced to build complex engagement programs in each country workspace - primarily due to time zone differences.  With this feature enabled, we'll now be able to create global engagement programs (while leveraging personalization/segmentation to apply any localization if necessary (translated content, etc.).  [EDIT: this isn't as significant of an enhancement as we thought, since it will only be active in Email Send programs and Engagement Programs with individual emails (not child/default programs that contain basic "email send" smart campaigns)]


Question for the product team: when will this be deployed in everyone's instance?  Is it on a specific date or gradually during a specific timeframe?


Justin Cooperman