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Differences between Approved Email vs Sent email

Question asked by Thomas Morgadinho on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Thomas Morgadinho

Hi everyone,


I just did my first event campaign and I noticed a little difference between the approved emails and the ones I received (I tested on the invitation & confirmation).


It appears that some of the links & images (on the header and on the footer) are not the same on both mails.


Here is how my header is displayed on the mail I received :

And in the approved mail, on Marketo :

How come :

  1. The approved mail isn't what people are receiving (it's the only difference, the content remains the same on both emails) ?
  2. On the approved mail, the Facebook link was different than the one sent ?


Is it related to the template ? I'm using the same on every email from my campaign and the problem is everywhere.


Oh by the way, when I'm sending a sample : no problem.


Thank you,