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    Nurture Programs vs Engagement Module

      I am designing a nurture program where we send email 1 for content/offer 1 and if the person does not click on the offer, then in 2 weeks we send them new email 1a with the same offer. If they did click, they would move on to get email 2 with offer 2 next. Can this be set up in the engagement module or do we need to use Nurture campaigns with Traffic Cop, etc? If it's the latter, I can't find any instructional documentation to show me how to do this.
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          Josh Hill

          You probably want to use a drip/traffic cop setup.

          BUT you could use multiple Streams if your level of Marketo allows that. Your Second Stream would pull in any leads that didn't click in Stream 1 and then send second email. 
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            Thanks, Josh.
            We do have multiple stream capability.  However, given that each nurture stream is approx 6 touches (12 if you count that 'a' touches going to the people that didn't click the first email), does that mean we'd need a new stream per touch?