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Can I use a Facebook Form and redirect immediately to a PURL?

Question asked by DeAnna Humphrey on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

I have established a targeted custom audience via the Ad Bridge in Marketo. What I would like to do is be able to use a Facebook form to get the lead to want to reveal a refinance offer we have pre-established for them and then when they provide their email, they would be immediately redirected to a Marketo Landing Page that would reveal their personalized offer. I m unsure if this is the best way or if it is possible for Marketo to grad the from information and recognize who the lead is immediately and then for Marketo to allow the lead to be able to see a landing page with the tokens that would represent the name of the lead and the offer details for that individual.


This may even be accomplished by having the lead go to a Marketo Landing page and form directly from the Facebook Ab but I am unsure if Marketo would be able to pre-fill the form fields with the leads email address like Facebook forms will.


I looked at many discussions in the community tonight and I did not see any hat covered my question but if anyone has had experience doing this.  I would be very grateful to learn your process or get your best practice knowledge.


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