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    Can I use a Facebook Form and redirect immediately to a PURL?

    DeAnna Humphrey

      I have established a targeted custom audience via the Ad Bridge in Marketo. What I would like to do is be able to use a Facebook form to get the lead to want to reveal a refinance offer we have pre-established for them and then when they provide their email, they would be immediately redirected to a Marketo Landing Page that would reveal their personalized offer. I m unsure if this is the best way or if it is possible for Marketo to grad the from information and recognize who the lead is immediately and then for Marketo to allow the lead to be able to see a landing page with the tokens that would represent the name of the lead and the offer details for that individual.


      This may even be accomplished by having the lead go to a Marketo Landing page and form directly from the Facebook Ab but I am unsure if Marketo would be able to pre-fill the form fields with the leads email address like Facebook forms will.


      I looked at many discussions in the community tonight and I did not see any hat covered my question but if anyone has had experience doing this.  I would be very grateful to learn your process or get your best practice knowledge.


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          Sanford Whiteman

          pURLs are geared principally for direct mail or other offline contact, when you need an easy-to-type code that will immediately personalize page content for a lead that's already in your db.


          There are some all-digital cases where pURLs can be useful. For example, if you're not using Marketo to send, you can supply a list of pURLs to a 3rd-party sender.  In this case the pURL is (to a degree) reproducing the built-in functionality of Marketo's mkt_tok-enized links. (It's still better to distribute Munchkin "associator tokens" in that case, but pURLs are far better than undecorated URLs.)


          In your case, if you're requiring them to fill out a form to associate their Munchkin session with their lead record, then you will not have immediate access to their Marketo Unique Code (used to create pURLs), because there is a brief delay during which the session is still anonymous. You also don't need pURLs in this case, because as soon as the session is associated, the page would be personalized for them anyway. You might try to wait for the association to complete by refreshing the page say, every half-second.  On fast instances you'll only have to wait a couple of seconds. You have to be prepared for failure, though -- depending on load or other instance quirks, the association might not complete, and you don't want to keep polling forever.

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              DeAnna Humphrey



              Thank you.  I think I should not have used the term PURL - personalized

              URL, what I want is to be able to have a landing page that will allow the

              lead to authenticate from Facebook, which will then allow me to redirect

              the lead to a Personalized Landing Page meaning to have the database fields

              populate the lead offer information on the page so then we could get the

              lead to accept or not accept doing the refinance. Currently, I have landing

              pages established that I am using for the email marketing in Marketo and

              the form fields pre-fill along with the fields on the landing page that

              reiterates the offer from the emails.


              However, I know that coming off of Facebook I will need an authentication

              or at least I think I do, I am not quite sure how to set this up within

              Marketo, since I was able to do the custom audience from Marketo and using

              the Ad Bridge I am not sure what type of feedback that will occur from

              Facebook back to Mareto.  I am just now to this step in Marketo I am a new

              user. I was using Pardot with Salesforce previously and what I could do was

              set up a form on a Pardot Landing page that allowed for authentication and

              then would reveal their savings on the next page after they submitted.


              Hope this makes sense.  Needing advice or possibly more training to get a

              full understanding of how Marketo and Facebook work together in the

              re-targeting aspect.


              Thank you,





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