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Marketo delays!!No leads on SFDC-Which batch campaigns, updates should be run overnight?

Question asked by e534d430dca108e2ebdf00a3b7d8dcd6e20d5181 on Nov 15, 2017



We have been experiencing significant delays in Marketo for the last days. No new leads are entering SFDC and alerts are not being sent.  The sync is happening as it should but the campaign queue has a long backlog which may be the reason.

I have more than 1000 campaigns running.

The most common flow steps for them are: Change data value, Send email, Sync to SFDC, Change Program Status, Send Alert, Add to / Remove from List which have the priority 50 and 75 respectively. They are all priorities executed at a same time  and Marketo told us that this is the main reason of the campaign backlog.

Which campaigns do you guys run overnight?

How do you solve the issue?

Thanks this is quite urgent and it is affecting our Marketo performance.