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Question asked by Dave Nation on Nov 14, 2017
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I've been asked to set up a programme for a sequence of daily product promotions with a new product each day. The product offers are limited life and will expire within a 24 hours period. People who join the programme prior to day 1 will receive an email with details of the special deal for that day, at the completion of the 24hour period that email will expire and the day 2 special will be sent to all those who have joined the programme prior to day 1 plus those new folks who have joined the programme during the last 24 hours. I need to therefore transition those already enrolled to the day 2 deal, and those newly enrolled to the day 2 deal.


I'm just trying to work out if I'd be better to use the engagement programme or a default programme with a smartlist i.e. is a member of the smartlist send email 2 etc etc.