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    Salesforce Campaign Sync in a Marketo Program

    Danielle Chan

      If I set up Salesforce Campaign Sync for a Marketo Program, do I have to create smart campaigns to change program status? Or will it just automatically update when a lead opens, clicks, fills out form?


      Can you share any examples of your smart campaigns to do this? Do you include triggers? Or just the Change Program Status flow?



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          Gerard Donnelly

          Hi Danielle Chan,

          So the status' will be different for each type of program and don't always mirror the performance of emails for example.  If someone opens an email the status for an email blast program might change to Engaged.


          So you would need to create smart campaigns that have triggers to change these status', For Example in and Email Blast a smart campaign might be:

          opens email > clicks link & link not unsubscribed >>> Flow Step >>> Change program status > new status is: Email Blast - Engaged.


          You can find all your different status' in the tags section of the admin area under Channels.


          The sync between Salesforce and Marketo should be done on the program level if possible and then the status' will automatically flow and mirror in each system.  This is good for events where someone might confirm going to an event via a phone call to sales rather than fill in a form, therefore a flow step of change program status in the registered smart campaign wouldn't catch that but it the program was synced the new status in SF would flow back to Marketo.





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            Gerard Donnelly

            Hi Danielle Chan,


            If all depends on the type of program you are running and the status' within that program.  Yours will probably be different than the ones below but I'm just showing these as an example. This is for an email blast and an event program.  You will probably have lots of others like Webinar


            Email Blast:

            Smart Campaigns:

            1) Send Email Smart Campaign with Flow step after send: Change status Email Blast - Targeted

            2)Engaged Smart Campaign with Flow step: If they clicked link in email and not unsubscribed link - Change status Email Blast - Engaged




            This could be done numerous ways.


            Smart Campaign Example:

            1)Send Invite Smart Campaign with Flow step: Change Status Live Event - Invited

            2)Registered Smart Campaign with Flow step: If fills in reg form …. Flow step Change status Live Event - Registered

            3)Attended… Change Status Live Event -Attended

            4)No Show…..


            And so on

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              Danielle Chan

              So I implemented this for my first campaign, and it was only sent to contacts (customers), but somehow leads became a part of the Salesforce Campaign, and also a bunch of contacts/leads without email addresses were added to the campaign.


              Also, the number of emails opened and clicked are not matching. Salesforce is showing less than what Marketo is showing. Any tips?

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                Danielle Chan

                One more thing, if a contact was SENT an email, I don't want them to be a SFDC campaign member. I only want open, clicked, and engaged to be SFDC Campaign sync member. Is that possible? OR will I have to skip setting the Salesforce Campaign Sync and create triggered smart campaigns to the SFDC campaign sync?