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HubSpot to Marketo Migration  and Implementation

Question asked by f6917a0f5954685a84d679ce7e2d19ba352a51f8 on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by 4fdb34282dfb3266f6934934dde792052d69e285

Hi .. Would like to get steps/process to migrate data from HubSpot to Marketo. HubSpot has only contacts and landing pages, currently integrated with SFDC.


Also appreciate if someone can share best practices and steps for Marketo configuration / implementation.


We would like to silo's data to make Marketo multi-tenant so groups can only see their data. It means will be having duplicate contacts if the same contact is used by multiple groups. Has anyone implemented multi-tenant Marketo instance ? What are the main issues except CRM sync, which we are planning to use API instead of native Marketo SFDC sync.