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Can I reference a Custom Object in a Segmentation List?

Question asked by Julie Simon on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by 243ed8f9a8b54fc0a5ba151ebf40ff55c444e396

We have recently set up a Custom Object that is going to consistently be updated with the most current email domains of our customers (through an API call to Salesforce). I want to be able to reference this Custom Object with a Segmentation, so that it would look out for any time that Custom Object is updated, and update the segmentation list(s) accordingly. Is this possible?


I have seen this article on a work-around for a related topic: Segmentations Using Custom Object Data , but it does not seem as though it would achieve what I'm looking for. I have also seen this other question posted in the Community, but I didn't see a response that would be helpful for my case: Can I create segmentations using a custom object?