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Difference between reports in RCE

Question asked by Lalida Sriyordsa on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by Josh Hill

Hi all,


I'm looking at two reports in Revenue Cycle Explorer and I'm trying to deciper which is the right one to use for what I'm trying to do. My original report is a lead analysis report and the second one is a program membership report. I'm trying to pull a list of leads within that timeframe who have and have not converted to opportunity. The first report, the lead analysis one, looks at acquisition program and lead source with measures for number of leads and number of leads converted to opportunity. However, this number is different from my second report, the program analysis one, which is looking at program name by row and measures with members and converted. I'm also not sure if I'm trying to read too much into the differences in terminology for lead created versus member dates, etc. Please help if possible!


Thanks so much!


Image 1 (Lead Analysis):

Capture 1.PNG


Image 2 (Program Membership):

Capture 2.PNG