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Select picture (in Image and Files) based on input

Question asked by b80dd41855cfa0fade9632e9fc4e71b665383387 on Nov 13, 2017
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We have an email template that is triggered from an external service interacting with Marketo. The service will send some input to Marketo to set the value of certain tokens, e.g. my.City, my.SenderName, etc.. In the template we want to have a picture of the person sending the mail. All the pictures are stored in "Design studio"->"Image and Files". What we would like to do, is to retrieve and insert the right picture based on one of the tokens we are going to update.


I've looked at email scripts for a couple of days, but I don't see how I can point to the image in the template or update it's URL. Can the modules the template is made of and their components (an image for example) be referred to in some way in the script (something like moduleName.imageName.url)? And would this be the right approach?


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