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    Workspace Communication Limits

    Kim Gandy

      My team would like to set up communication limits for all marketing emails, without affecting fulfillment newsletter emails. I've read through this community thread, which recommends turning on comm limits, but not applying to fulfillment campaigns. The issue with this recommendation is fulfillment emails would still count towards the daily/weekly comm limit, and could quickly eat up that limit.


      Is there any way to create separate workspace comm limits? If not, other recommendations would be appreciated.

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          Josh Hill

          Here's how it works:

          • Admin Level: block non op emails for all
          • Smart Campaign within regular program: you can override the limit on the Schedule tab as an Admin.
          • Engagements and Email Send automatically respect the Admin level at all times.


          so depending on how you plan to use the newsletters, you could just override it at the smart campaign level. I'm not aware of a special WS version of this limit.

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              Dan Stevens.

              Josh, there is also a way to override/disable this in Email Send programs (under "Setup"):



              For Engagement Programs, it's always on and cannot be overridden.  Unless, of course, you have child programs that are used to send out the nurture emails.  This can then be overridden in the Schedule tab.

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