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    Multiple Models Customer Versus Net New

           Hi Everyone,
           Has anyone successfully launched a Customer Versus a Net New Acquisition Modeler in Marketo?  If so, there is one thing which always gets confusing.  What decision do you make regarding Customers which get identified as customers when they are midway through your Net New Model ... for example.
           Model 1 Acquisition
           Model 2 Customer
           Daffy is in Stage 1 of Net New Model
           Micky is in Stage 2 of Net New Model
           Goofy is in Stage 5 of Net New Model
           Goofy gets an opportunity closed against him and goes to Stage won, hence qualifying him for the Customer Model
           Goofy gets added to the Customer Model.
           Daffy and Micky technically now are also customers as they belong to Acme.  What do you do ..
           Pull them out as a batch from their current stages?
           Let them progress in the Net new Model until they too got o Won ....
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          It depends on your definition of "customer." Who is your customer? Is it a company? Is it a division or department of a company? Is it a physical location of the company (ie, "the chicago office" is a different customer from the "london office")? Is it a person?

          If you have a type of a product that is only sold to a company once - say enterprise ERP (though even that's not true for very large enterprises), then you definitely want to Daffy and Mickey and Goofy into the Customer Model once one of them buys the ERP system, because the deals with the others are now done too (ie, you have more than one decision maker/influencer on the same deal).

          If on the other hand, you're selling again and again into the same company, and just because Daffy bought an iPad, doesn't mean Goofy has one too, then in your Net Net Acquisition Model you get claim 3 victories vs just 1 without double counting.

          Technically speaking, I've seen instances where a company maintains a list of "customer domains" for companies that are now "customers" and uses this list to trigger campaigns to move people in and out of customer models and nurture streams. But that only works with the first scenario I described.

          Hope that helps!
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            Josh Hill
            Very much agree with Grant on this. Your customer data and fields must be accurate to make this work. I have yet to see a client who has a reliable customer list in SFDC.
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                   Hey Guys, 

                   Thanks both for your comments ... there is two parts to this . . .

                   1.  Whether we can accurately identify a customer.  let's say we can, and it is a binary field that says Active Customer True.

                   2.  This is less a philosophical question and more a technical one.   My question pertains explicitely and solely to modeler and RCA not so much MLM.   Meaning from a reporting point of view in RCA there are ramifications for pulling out all the leads, or not pulling out all the leads.  What have you guys seen done and why?

                   Also, in the case of maintaining multiple models how do you even prevent folks from entering an acquisition model from anonymous.  I don't think this is even possible, it would require a batch campaign to pull them out of the system generated transition from stage 1.

                   I hope that clears up my question a bit.   Keep the suggestions coming!