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Multiple Models Customer Versus Net New

Question asked by 794dcab6396ce9078825eac7b5825bbb877bf4d3 on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2014 by 794dcab6396ce9078825eac7b5825bbb877bf4d3
     Hi Everyone,
     Has anyone successfully launched a Customer Versus a Net New Acquisition Modeler in Marketo?  If so, there is one thing which always gets confusing.  What decision do you make regarding Customers which get identified as customers when they are midway through your Net New Model ... for example.
     Model 1 Acquisition
     Model 2 Customer
     Daffy is in Stage 1 of Net New Model
     Micky is in Stage 2 of Net New Model
     Goofy is in Stage 5 of Net New Model
     Goofy gets an opportunity closed against him and goes to Stage won, hence qualifying him for the Customer Model
     Goofy gets added to the Customer Model.
     Daffy and Micky technically now are also customers as they belong to Acme.  What do you do ..
     Pull them out as a batch from their current stages?
     Let them progress in the Net new Model until they too got o Won ....