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Sync into SFDC with checkbox field Marked

Question asked by Yun Bai on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Yun Bai

Hello Marketo Expert,


I am having the challenge to sync value to SFDC and have the checkbox field "Email Opt-out" marked.


Basically I did tried two different approaches:

1. Add a column in excelsheet as "Email opt out" and filled value as "True" --> Import list into Marketo --> sync into SFDC --> didn't work.

2. Import list without adding "Email opt out" column --> Add flow step "Change data value", "Email opt-out" = True" --> run SC campaign --> didn't work.


However, the values did show up as "email opt out = true" in Marketo


So I wasn't sure where I've missed.I believe the name of the Marketo field is correct, as I checked under Field Management. "Email opt-out" is the only field under "Lead" fields.


Any thoughts? Please let me know.