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MKTO Email Invalid Field in SFDC

Question asked by aaad4281081a5563546b8be6de62abbdbd1d31dc on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by aaad4281081a5563546b8be6de62abbdbd1d31dc

I am looking for advice or tips on how to handle a sales contest. We wanted to pull all the invalid email addresses out of Marketo and give them to the sales team to have them replace the bad emails with accurate ones. The top 3 sales reps will be awarded a prize. I have seen cases in my instance where an email address will be flagged invalid, but then an email is delivered after the flag happened. To pull the list for the invalid emails for sales I have set up a smart list:


Member of list: then i selected the business segment lists (to grab the correct audience)

Email Invalid: True


Will this in fact grab those emails that are invalid and not a true email address? Or should I be adding additional filters to capture bad emails?


Any insight would be great, thanks!