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Setting up SFDC Sync - Contacts not syncing??

Question asked by Tammy Chan on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Tammy Chan


I've been trying to sync my SF instance w/ Marketo finally my lead records synced over, but not my contact records. I logged a ticket w/ help desk and they noticed that in order for the contact records to sync over I had to have the Marketo Sync user profile to have "Modify all" and "Edit all" checked off and edit physically edit a contact record in order for a contact record to sync into Marketo. They suggested i do a mass upload into Salesforce Dataloader for all my contact records in SF in order to get it synced to Marketo.


I'm trying to see if anyone else has ever had this issue, i have no special workflows/set up on with my contacts in my SF instance, i didn't have to check off "edit all" or "modify all" for my lead records and they synced fine, and it sounds weird that i have to re-upload all my contacts in SF in order to get them to sync into Mkto, I'll do it just would like to know if anyone else ever had this happen and if this sounds strange to anyone else before i did this?