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Campaign Logic Q: If Survey Form Filled, Bypass a 2nd Email

Question asked by Spencer Phillips on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by Grace Brebner

Background: I recently joined a company which is just getting up and running with Marketo. I am myself just learning Marketo.


A consultant has come in and created a program where people fill out a form survey on the site and then receive a follow up email. Another option within this campaign is that if you start filling out the form but don't finish it, you will receive and email reminder to finish the form.


The user experience gets weird for repeat survey visitors who have already filled out the form once and perhaps started taking the survey again but did not complete.


The ask: How, in my smart campaign logic, do I make it so that if you have already successfully completed the form you will not receive the second "Don't Forget to Finish" even if you come back and start taking the survey but don't finish it!


Thank you and stoked to be part of the Marketo community.