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Email Deliverability Issue - Soft Bounces

Question asked by cb9b70945297c4c5a9a00fb338056db9890c4316 on Nov 8, 2017
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We have been working on a global rollout since past few months for a major product of ours. We did the IP warming in phase 1 in May for our North America launch and we use a Marketo issued dedicated IP. We have the following records in place


1) A record - and

2) SPF - Includes our dedicated IP



5) PTR - currenty only points to


The email is sent from and we are seeing a high soft bounce rate in Europe with our recent launch, almost 50%. We are looking at possibilities of the higher soft bounces. I felt we should have PTR pointing to both and However, we never had such higher bounces in past campaigns.

We found our IP and domain are in SORBS Blacklist, per mxtoolbox. There is no other blacklist for the IP. I was told by Marketo to ignore SORBS as it isn't recognized anymore by mail clients anymore. Does the IP warming we did for our north america launch help with Europe launch or do we need to do the IP warming again? I was wondering how ISP's treat IP launches based on target regional launches.


Any ideas on what could be the issue?