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    Looking for thoughts on & experiences with the Episerver Marketo connector

    Dave Cunningham

      We will begin using Episerver as our CMS next year and we will want to use their Marketo connector. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on and/or experiences with the connector. We will be doing client referral calls and the typical due diligence for a systems integration like this, but I am guessing the Marketo Community users will have valuable insights to share.


      Is it a reliable integration? Any specific strengths/weaknesses? Are their security issues we should be aware of? Should we anticipate spending a good amount of time between Marketo/Episerver support trying to troubleshoot sync related issues? Etc. Thank you in advance for any thoughts/experiences you are willing to share.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          It's a very weak integration. We recently evaluated it at a client and came to the unanimous conclusion that it wasn't ready for prime time.


          Off-the-bat it was clear that it wasn't written with any awareness of Marketo's daily API limits. That in turn means it hasn't been adequately tested. (It's not like it's hard to simulate 50K hits, for performance benchmarking alone.)


          It also has only the most basic awareness of Programs.


          Knowing the size of your company, I wouldn't go near this software.

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            Erik Heldebro

            Similar to Sanford's comments, I worked with this one with a client at my previous job.


            I sent over some recommendations to their dev support of how they can improve it. My issue with it was that it was not scalable with an example of a simple gated content form:


            Using one form block for multiple pieces of gated content did not work out properly. The plan was to have a hidden field for the content name which would be defined by the CMS user for every page that was added, this value would be submitted via the connector to Marketo and Marketo would assign the content URL and send that out to the person submitting the form.


            The issue was that the connector was configured to always retrieve data from Marketo for prefilling forms. What would happen if someone was filling out a second form, the connector would overwrite the content name with the previous value from the hidden field, meaning that the new data would not be pushed to Marketo. This retrieval of data for every page visit also slowed down the site significantly. I told them they should just offer the option of (1) Defining prefill/retrieval behavior for specific form fields and (2) Giving the option of choosing Get/Post choices directly from the Epiform.


            Since the connector is posting data to Marketo, there is no option of leveraging the "Fills out form" trigger or defining which page the form was filled out on without needing custom JS. Another solution they could provide is having a configurable Munchkin API call where you can push custom data through the "Visits web page" activity.


            I'm not sure how far this has gotten since then (1 year ago) but if nothing has changed, I would agree with Sanford that this is not ready for prime time.

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