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How to Upload/Sync Marketing Suspended List into SFDC

Question asked by Yun Bai on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Yun Bai

Hello Marketo Expert,


I am having a challenge of sync leads to SFDC, which you can tell that there are 141 leads I imported into Marketo and try to sync to SFDC. However, 141 leads are blocked from emails. The reason I can think of is probably those 141 leads are marketing suspended or unsubscribed leads. So that's the reason they got blocked when trying Sync to SFDC.


If my assumption is correct, can I have any tips from you of how to deal with this case? And if I am able to sync leads to SFDC, how can I mark them as Marketing Opt-out lead?


Thank you in advance,