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    Marketo - Suspension of Service

    Kristy Murphy



      I'm just trying to plan for a plan for a plan - disaster recovery planning 101.


      This might seem random but what happens if your service at Marketo were terminated for payment issues? I don't expect a ton of hand raisers on the "we didn't pay our bill and this is what happened" but does anyone know what happens in the event of a suspend for non payment? How is your sync impacted? Do you lose data? Do all of your programs stop?


      I'm just trying to understand technically what would happen with our integration and customer/prospect/sales rep experience should this situation ever come up.




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          Josh Hill

          My understanding is that Marketo can absolutely lock your access for non payment. The reality is they'd probably give you a grace period if they thought you were negotiating in good faith, and this may depend on the contract value. I am unsure if they'd just shut off the sync, etc rather than lock you out.


          If you are concerned with this, I have recommended on my blog a few things:

          • sync activity to SFDC (but this is slow and sync prone)
          • use a Marketing Data Warehouse with the API.
          • Export data regularly, but this won't export Activity Log info.
          • pay your bills