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Export Emails via API

Question asked by Carolyn Price on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Kenny Elkington

Is there any way to bulk export email details (e.g. sender name, subject line, etc.)?


We're conducting an email audit, and we need to report on some key metrics for each email (e.g. sender name, subject line, performance, etc.).


The REST API seems like the best tool for the job, and I've followed the steps on reporting on emails based on folder to collect some of that data.


However, I'm stuck on the fact that:

  • I can't seem to page through the results (they return a maximum of 200), and
  • Filtering via Folder only returns the immediate child results, not any child emails that are 1+ steps removed (emails that are nested within a program or other folder aren't included).


Are there any other tricks I'm missing?