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Know any SFDC Contractors?

Question asked by Trent Cross Champion on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by 4afaf6cf8d3c36e5a1690ed8297b182c91cfac2d

All - looking for a SFDC contractor to help out a friend's client for some hands on tactical work with needs to support the sales team but also looking for some strategic direction, for about 10-12 hours/month.  This appears to be a longer term (>3+ months) effort to assist this customer, as they are looking to outsource this type of resource vs having it reside in-house. The person would also need to be available for a 2-day workshop/trip to Austin sometime in early to mid-December.  Let me know if you are interested or know of someone. The need is immediate, so please any referrals along or forward my contact info to have them get in touch with me.




Trent Cross