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Web Services Error 1018

Question asked by 3fb15204e184e85aa30d783bb4f10f75b67ffd3b on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Laura Baller

Hi all. We recently set up a new integration (BrightTalk) and I created a new API user with the email address below. We've been getting daily "web service errors" with code 1018. I opened a support ticket to try and troubleshoot and the response was:


We don’t log API calls on our end but we do have some information that could be used by your developer in order to troubleshoot the issue.
User :
Endpoint used: /rest/v1/companies/describe.json
Error: 1018
Error Cause: The action could not be carried out, because the instance has a native CRM integration enabled.


Neither I nor my developer can find any information on what's actually causing the issue or how to fix it.


Anyone have experience with this?


Thank you!!