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    Daily Newsletters - how to automate?

    Alexis Falco

      Hi Community!


      I'm trying to set up a daily newsletter in Marketo without using a third party or an RSS Feed (ie: Digesto). Does anyone one know the best way to automate this? The newsletter is dynamic everyday and has a subscription setting to it to add/remove people as desired.  It goes out every week day and I'm trying to reduce the amount of manual labor necessary to make it happen. Has anyone else pulled this off? if so, how? and what type of program is best?



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          Josh Hill

          Really depends on more detail. I've worked with a firm that did a lot of newsletters. Some tools you can use:

          • Create Email Template that's the same every time.
          • Leverage snippets and/or Segmentations.
            • Snippets are great for content that may change now and then or for Footers that are Dynamic.
            • but you can also use to block out sections and then update then Snippet daily.
            • Then the batch campaign will just send today's version.


          Again, the possible solution is dependent on how you are building your emails, audience, etc.


          In my experience, the work happens SOMEWHERE, so you have to decide where that will be.

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              Alexis Falco

              Thanks Josh - I have a pretty good template going that can be used each day with little modification (but I'll definitely look into snippets for it ) but I'm more concerned with having to set up a new program (clone the program) every day to distribute the newsletter. I toyed with the idea of using a nurture campaign so that I'm only adding assets to the stream but I'm hoping there's a more elegant solution so that my teammate only needs to worry about cloning email templates and not the entire program. Especially since I need her to set it up a week in advance and not on the daily.