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Tracking multiple touches to the same program

Question asked by Carmella Dunn-Hartman on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by Grégoire Michel

Hi all,


We have recently started running lead gen campaigns in digital channels such as LinkedIn Lead Gen and BrightTALK, where leads engage with our content through a hosted form. So, we now have multiple forms on different platforms pointing to the same content asset. This is a new setup for us, and I'm running into some questions.


What I'm attempting to do is to funnel these leads into our current content programs while also attributing them to the source channel via a separate program (e.g. LinkedIn Lead Gen). This avoids creating a bunch of new content programs unique to the channel. I like this.


I've already set this up for LinkedIn Lead Gen, and it works nicely for leads that only engage once.

BUT, since the program status will only update once on a single lead, I am losing all additional engagements with the LinkedIn platform.


Here's what the flow looks like, if that helps:

First touch: Lead A fills out content form 1 on LinkedIn > Lead A is captured in LinkedIn Lead Gen program > Lead A is captured in existing content program 1

Second touch: Lead A fills out content form 2 on LinkedIn > LinkedIn Lead Gen program status change is skipped > Lead A is captured in existing content program 2


Thanks in advance for any and all ideas.