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Original source type definitions

Question asked by c1a5c2b2f7d3a4054d47c0aeeaff2179dd5a5815 on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Robb Barrett

I'm looking at the original source type's of our leads as a previous thread told me that this is the source of truth. Couple of questions:


  1. I see that lots of my leads' original source types just say 'New Lead', then when I go into their record to try to understand more, it just says: activity type: new lead, their name, then source: new lead. This isn't very helpful. How can I see how they've physically entered Marketo if there is no activity before this? Particularly when original source info and referrer are blank.
  2. Same with 'sales email' - we don't have plugins for sales, so not sure how people have been assigned this as an original source type.
  3. Web link click - how can the original source type be 'web link click' if we haven't sent them an email to click a link? Whenever I drill down to the actual activity logs of numerous logs, they actually say web form fillout as to how someone has been created. So what is a web link click referring to?
  4. Same applies to web page visit - is this us 'cookie-ing' them before they're identified? Then when they pass their details, this remains as their original source type?


Please help clarify this chaos!