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Sending operational emails to multi-location accounts using the same email address

Question asked by Liliana Cheng on Oct 30, 2017
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Hi community, we market to small businesses who often use the same email address for multiple accounts and locations. Email-wise, yes, these are "duplicates", however they are attached to different accounts with different company info.


Ex: is used for coffee shop a, coffee shop b, and coffee shop c. As a result, we have 3 contact records using this one email at coffee shop a at coffee shop b at coffee shop c


We would like to start sending out daily operational emails to each account with transaction information using tokens to populate the transaction info per account.


The problem is that we are only creating one global email per day, so the email asset is the same for every account. Since we allow duplicate emails to be used on different accounts, Marketo will only send the email asset one time to an email address. So with the given example, will only receive one daily transaction email per day, even though there are three separate contact records spread across three separate accounts.


I've contacted support about this, but their answer was basically "Marketo isn't built to send the same email to the same email address regardless of the different account/company associations".


What solutions or workarounds should we try?