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    Embed Video

    Greg Todd

      I'm working with a Marketo template (Core Institute) and am trying to embed a video (from Vimeo) into the video space.  However, when I send a sample, the video disappears.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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          Josh Hill

          Is this an Email or a Page?




          Cannot embed video into email.

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            Robb Barrett

            For a while I was getting B2B emails all the time hyping the ability to add in video to emails, but very few ESPs allow(ed) this. I never went through with investigating any of them because there was no value in viewing the video in email vs. on the web page. Typically what we did was screen capture the video thumbnail, put it on the email and link it to the page with the video. 


            Take a look through your own spam and see how many videos you have in email

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