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Marketo Template Developers - Local build tool

Question asked by c3fe9112321230d5eee5edffd64ff2ec9f973314 on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Angel Ordax

Marketo Guided Template Builder - Chrome Web Store


When building Marketo Guided Templates, you can build them locally and make use of Marketo's meta tag commands. Now you don't need to insert the template into Marketo to test it. This should speed up template building a bit.


This tool when activated will parse your template file, take the meta tags and switch out the values. Rendering your template correctly as your users will see. This will allow you to test and build your templates while still using the templating meta tags correctly but without the headache of uploading the file and going to the URL.


I have recently moved from Marketing to Engineering. If the value and request is high enough, I will update the extension to allow for input values to be through the browser allowing for another level of live interactions and development without having to go into Marketo. This will easily speed up all template building.