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    Subscription to Weekly Report of People Who Visited Specific Web Pages

    Kathi Gosche

      Has anyone been able to create a report that lists each person that visited a list of specific web pages and shows what those pages are? This is my dilemma: My sales manager wants a report sent weekly to each rep of all their leads that visited any of our recorded webinars in the last week. I have a solution if I can get around this one issue.


      The plan:

      1) Create a static list to record views for each rep with the column of Last Interesting Moment included (these page views would trigger an interesting moment)

      2) Create a trigger campaign that adds those who visit the specific web pages to the appropriate static report

      3) Subscribe user to list with a weekly delivery

      4) Create a recurring campaign to remove all members of static list every seven days


      The problem:

      1) Lead views specified web page on Monday & the view is recorded in the Last Interesting Moment field

      2) Trigger campaign adds the person to the list as desired

      3) Lead visits some other page that creates an interesting moment, but not one of interest for this report, on Tuesday and overwrites the Last Interesting Moment

      4) Report is pulled on Friday and lists the Last Interesting Moment from #3 instead of #1 and is of no meaning in the report. If they visit another webinar video, the new view would erase the info of the last video too.


      How can I create a report that accurately records the web pages visited regardless of when the report is pulled? The sales manager does not want all interesting moments included in the report.