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Populating New SFDC Lead Score Formula Field in Marketo

Question asked by 0cc12fa98f5147063795da446f97650d5da95259 on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by Denise Greenberg

We just created a new formula field in SFDC that adds Behavior Score and Demographic Score together (called "Behavior+Demographic Score"). The intent is to use this new field instead of the old Lead Score field - which gets incremented by Marketo Campaigns every time behavior score or demographic score is incremented. A key reason for the new field is so as to avoid the lead scores being added together when people in SFDC are merged. The new field is working correctly in SFDC.


Here's the problem, the field is taking a long time to populate in Marketo and I think I just remembered learning in the past that formula fields do not cause the sysmod date to change when they are updated and that, as a result, leads and contacts that haven't been changed in some other way will not reflect the correct values for Behavior+Demographic Score in Marketo. Is this correct?


If it IS correct, any suggestions for how to trigger the full population of the field without overwhelming the SFDC-Marketo API?


If not, my fallback is to create a different integer field for Lead Score, copy the value from the old field to the new field, and retool all the scoring campaigns to reference the new field. Although I'd rather not  do this.


Either way, I need to provide a plan today and would appreciate ideas.


Sanford Whiteman or

Grégoire Michel


This seems like the sort of thing you might have an answer for.


Thanks in advance!