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    Tracking MQL>SAL>SQL conversion % without contact roles

    Naor Chazan

      Our sales team has a rather open-ended approach to using contact roles on opps. As far as I know this makes it impossible to accurately trigger MQL to SAL handover etc. as we use the opportunity creation as the trigger. Does anyone know if any other ways, other than forcing this contact role field on opp creation/update, to accurately understand what % of MQLs are getting accepted by sales vs. not?

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          Gerard Donnelly

          I'd say this all depends on what way your organisation is set up.

          Do you have a SDR team that qualifies leads before an AE takes them over?

          When someone reaches an MQL score do they get assigned to a queue in your CRM?

          What happens to someone that is rejected by sales? Do they get added to a nurture campaign?


          Depending on the answers there is probably a number of ways you could do this.

          Do you want to have these reports in your CRM? What CRM do you use?





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              Naor Chazan

              Yes typically MQLs get routed to territory BDR automatically.  The BDR has some qualification checks in place before they "accepted" the MQL, and once they do they're SUPPOSED to add them to a stage 0 opportunity. But they don't always do this. That's my issue.


              Rejected leads will have a LEAD STATUS set to DISQUALIFIED or NURTURE if they are not ready.


              I guess we could also assume if they MQL and DONT get disqualified they could be accepted - but Im really interested in a fool proof way of calculating how many MQLs are actually turned into opps.

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                  Josh Hill

                  I'm not super familiar with bizible, but I do know they rely on SFDC Campaign Member object, right? And that's particularly sensitive to Contact Role.


                  There are some threads on how to handle the Contact Role problem. I suggest looking those up for some ideas. A few that come to mind:

                  • Force Opp Creation button on the Contact or Account only.
                  • Review Opps regularly to enforce this manually in alignment meetings
                  • some sort of workflow enforcement that says there must be a Contact Role on Opp Creation. For whatever reason, I recall this being hard to do.
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                Josh Hill

                Well...can you describe more of what's going on in terms of that transition? Are you using RCE and RCM to track this, or another way?


                What's the exact trigger?


                Are you using Implicit Attribution or Normal? In Admin>RCE, you can adjust this such that Contact Role isn't required to track this. While a bit less accurate from a direct People perspective, you'll still get what you want.

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                    Naor Chazan

                    We don't use RCE, we use Bizible which does more of an account-focused attribution. Right now the trigger wants to look at anyone being added to a Stage 0 Opportunity who was previously MQL. This implies that the BDR has reached a min qualification for the MQL and has accepted it. But being that they're not great at adding the contact role in this case, it is difficult to track that way.


                    We DO copy to the contact record a total open pipeline value from the account, so we might be able to - now that I think about it - surmise that anyone MQL who later has that $ amount changed is now SAL. To your point this may actually impact several MQLs unrelated (but within the account), but could still give us a good indication of conversion success.


                    Let me play with this idea.