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    Tracking URLs Through Marketo

    Kevin Keefe

      So we have links that were created through our old CRM and are now dead, but they we created specifically for the purpose of tracking activity.

      The links are built into an .exe which customers install onto a piece of software and they allow the user to click on a link inside the software UI and reach someone in our support or interact with out social media and so on.


      I am trying to recreate those links, which don't need to be vanity URLs but track the activity with them through Marketo.

      I know I could do this in GA as well, but for reporting purposes it makes sense to keep things together.


      I don't see anywhere in Marketo documentation that explains how to create a tracking URL that's not tied to a form or landing page so here I ask.

      Thanks in advance

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Any URL that links to a Munchkin-enabled page will result in a Visits Web Page. However, on its own, that visit will be anonymous unless the Munchkin session is already associated with a lead.


          When you say "vanity URL," that's a bit vague: if you want the URL to carry identifying information for the lead, then it must to be personalized to some degree, for example by including the Email address of the lead as a query parameter. You can also use the Marketo pURL feature and append /{{Lead.Marketo Unique Code}} or /{{Lead.Marketo Unique Name}} to the path, which has the advantage of continuing to function even if the person's email address changes over time.