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Engagement program - questions and in need for tips

Question asked by 67ebab9d4336250097562e2c8a3a1607179036b7 on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by 67ebab9d4336250097562e2c8a3a1607179036b7
Hi everyone :)

We've begun to look at the engagement program but have some questions and would also like to have some tips about what would be a "best" way to work with it. We are going to work with early, middle and late stage nurturing.

Some questions:
1. In the program I can drag and drop emails from other programs. If someone in nurturing gets the email originating from another program - what will happen? Will they be members of that other program as well and go through all the flows and steps in that?

2. When creating new content specific to the engagement program - what's a good way to do it? To make nested programs for each email/form/lp-combo or just create separate folders per "campaign type" and store all relevant content in there?

3. When using nested programs, how does mkto know what email to send first (assuming there are more than one in the program)? Or have I gotten it wrong - you don't drag and drop the whole program but only the first email to be sent?

4. How are you using the engagement program? Noticed any pros or cons that would be good to know?

Looking forward to your answers!