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    Email Tracking Issue - Some emails work and some don't

      Hi there,


      Last month I opened a case with Marketo Support about our email tracking having issues. The conclusion that we came to was that the link shortener that was used for those emails stripped, or didn't allow the tracking link to function properly. I did some research online and saw that using link shorteners in email isn't preferable and so I agree'd that that was most likely the issue. However we recently had several emails go out and the same issue is happening again.


      We're seeing activity in GA and we are seeing activity that would show people are opening and clicking the link in the Lead Activities section for suspect leads:

      Another strange part about these email tracking issues, is that the social media links, the preference center and unsub link all track just fine. And another strange part about this issue is that other emails track just fine. It's just this set of emails we send.


      I'll continue doing some research and post my findings here, but if anyone has had any experiences like this please share your thoughts.