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    Update Registration Status by sending Daily Email

    Yun Bai

      Hello Marketo Experts,


      I am try to see if I am able to set up daily email send out to a specific person with Webinar registration status.


      My logic includes the following steps:

      - Create SC with smart list "Program Status was change": program is xxxx, new status is "Webinar > Registered"

      - Flow: "Add to list" -- "registration status update list"

      ......I am stuck here. I am wonder if

      - I am able to send the "registration status update list" directly to the specific person? How to send the list automatically? As I cannot find the action in Marketo.

      - Or if I should create an email and add more action in the flow, which is "Send Alert" with email is xxxx, send to "None", to Other emails XXX. Is this the correct way? But I also not sure, how can the person I send email know the participants' status changed, and which participants' status changed? Does this matter with the email I need to create? What I should include in the email?


      Thank you for your thoughts in advance,