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    Durable unsubscribe on custom field

    Micaela Wright

      We have a unique use case we're wondering if you could help with. We have two products using the same marketo instance without a partition. Our engineering team has done work to separate the unsubscribe job to feed two custom fields - but we're worried about durable unsubscribes with these new fields. Is there a way to change these new fields to operate the same as the global "unsubscribe" field does as far as durable unsubscribes?

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          Josh Hill



          Durable Unsubscribe is tied to the main Unsubscribed field in Marketo. You should adjust your workflow to flag Unsubscribed.


          If you are essentially running a subscription center, and someone no longer wants email for Product A, but is ok with Product B, that is not the same as entirely Unsubscribing.

          i'd be worried that you are telling people they are unsubscribed, when in fact, they only stopped emails from one Product. Can you share more about your entire process?