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Lead DeDupe Options with Marketo Forms

Question asked by Jason Martin on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by 4fdb34282dfb3266f6934934dde792052d69e285

Hello Everyone,

      Our company is currently considering the move away from using Salesforce Web-2-Lead forms, to using Marketo web forms (or another form with an API REST integration directly into Marketo). Today, we currently have a Salesforce plug-in that handles our deduplication rules in when it receives a new lead.


The issue we are coming up against, is that Marketo only looks at an email address for deduplication and has no ability to modify any of the deduplication rules. This has our sales team concerned because in some countries we do business in, it is quite common to use departmental shared email addresses (e.g. or The concern is that without the ability to consider other fields, such as first / last name, we will have leads overwriting each others' data in our database.


Unfortunately, this is becoming a make-or-break situation for using Marketo as the primary entry point for our leads, which now reduces our ability to use many features, such as the "filled out form" triggers / filters, progressive profiling, form prefills, etc.


Has anyone else here already come across this and came up with a solution we haven't thought of to get around this? Ultimately, I would like to use Marketo, but it is looking less likely, now.