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    A token keeps breaking in Emails

    Crystal Griffiths

      Just wanted to see if any of you have experienced this problem I'm having, I found a workaround but I still don't understand why it's doing this.


      We have a custom field set up as string type, when entering in the token in an email like:

      • Hello {{lead.EscrowAgent:default=Escrow Officer}},
      • Once I hit save it gives me this value: Hello {{lead.,
      • I am unable to get the token to stay in there HOWEVER my workaround was just entering in the token in the coding and it works
      • However, if I make any other changes lets say I put Hi instead of Hello, it will default into looking like this again: Hi {{lead.,
      • Until I go back in the code and re-fix it.

      Any ideas as to why this would do that? I use string type fields all the time and this is the first time I'm encountering this problem.





        • Re: A token keeps breaking in Emails
          Trent Cross

          Crystal Griffiths - interesting. Based on the info you provided, the token should work as you have outlined. A couple of questions, is the token a lead associated token or a customized token (ie using My.Token)?  Based on how you have it set up, this token is associated with a lead defined field.  Can you share any of the HTML code where it does work? Be happy to review as well.  Let me and others know.